An opioid overdose is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY!

If you suspect someone has overdosed call 9-1-1 immediately.

In 2017 the Montana Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 333, the  Help Save Lives from Overdose Act, with the stated purpose of "sav[ing] the lives of persons who have experienced an opioid-related drug overdose by providing the broadest possible access to lifesaving opioid antagonist medication.”  The act directs DPHHS to increase the availability and distribution of naloxone, an opioid antagonist, through a statewide  standing order

Community organizations have increased orders for naloxone by approximately 400% since 2018 to ensure the live-saving medication is available to prevent opioid related overdose deaths. Currently available funding for naloxone has been expended, however additional funding will be made available on 9/30/22. Online orders will be allowed to resume at that time. Naloxone is available through local organizations and may be distributed to people who use drugs and/or family, friends, and community partners. Find resources and locations where naloxone is currently available in your community by using the links below.


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