Medicaid Drug Use Review Board

The Drug Use Review Board - made up of doctors, a mid-level practitioner, and pharmacists--helps the department to ensure that medications prescribed for Medicaid clients are appropriate, medically necessary, cost effective, and unlikely to result in adverse side effects. It also aims to educate doctors and pharmacists to identify and reduce fraud, abuse, and inappropriate care associated with prescription drugs.

Members are:

  • Starla Blank, PharmD
  • Sherrill Brown, PharmD
  • Jordan Stone, PharmD
  • Robert Caldwell, MD
  • Ian McGrane, PharmD
  • Dan Nauts, MD
  • Tamara Jost, PharmD
  • Michael Blake, MD
  • Erin Oley, DNP
  • Anne Anglim, MD
  • Robert Putsch, MD

For more information, contact Shannon Sexauer, PharmD, Allied Health Services Bureau, (406) 444-5951.

Meeting Minutes

The public is welcome to attend board meetings. Until further notice, meetings will continue to be held virtually. Please check upcoming meeting agendas to register in advance for meetings.