Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council

The 2003 Montana Legislature created this council to advise and make recommendations to the Governor on ways to improve and develop services people with brain injuries and their families, including coordination of services between public and private entities. The council also was charged with encouraging and stimulating research, public awareness, education, and prevention activities.

The council meets quarterly, and the department director or a designee serves as presiding officer. There are nine members on the council, six of whom are appointed by the Governor to serve three-year terms without compensation. Members include:

  • The DPHHS director or a designee;
  • The superintendent of public instruction or a designee;
  • A representative of a program that provides senior and long-term care services, appointed by the DPHHS director;
  • Six members of the public, appointed by the governor, who represent the following:
    • Survivors of traumatic brain injury or their family members;
    • Representatives of injury control or prevention programs; or
    • Advocates for Montanans with brain injuries.

For more information, contact Michaelene Brown, Senior and Long Term Care Division, (406) 444-6064 or