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Director's Office

Director's Office

The Director's Office of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services provides professional support to the agency's three branches and 12 divisions. The three branches are Operations Services, Medicaid and Health Services and Economic Security Services.

The Director's Office is made up of the Department Director; the Office of Legal Affairs; the Human Resources Office; the Prevention Resource Center, Office of Governmental Support; and the Public Information Office.

The Director's Office oversees the four overarching goals of the department:

  • All Montana children are healthy, safe and in permanent, loving homes.
  • All Montanans have the tools and support to be as self-sufficient as possible.
  • All Montanans are injury-free, healthy and have access to quality health-care.
  • All Montanans can contribute to the above through community service


  • Director, Sheila Hogan, (406) 444-5623, sheilahogan@mt.gov
  • Economic Services Branch Manager, Laura Smith, Acting Branch Manager, (406) 444-3654, laura.smith@mt.gov
  • Medicaid and Health Services Branch Manager, Marie Matthews, 444-4084, mmatthews@mt.gov 
  • Operations Services Branch Manager, Erica Johnston, 444-9773, Erica.Johnston@mt.gov
  • Public Information Office, Jon Ebelt, (406) 444-0936, jebelt@mt.gov
  • Communications Specialist, Chuck Council, (406) 444-4391, hcouncil@mt.gov
  • Office Manager, Sheila Lopach, (406) 444-5623, slopach@mt.gov
  • Chief Legal Counsel, Frank Clinch, (406) 444-3127, fclinch@mt.gov
  • Human Resources Director, Travis Tilleman, (406) 444-3426, Travis.Tilleman@mt.gov
  • Prevention Resource Center Director, Vicki Turner, (406) 444-3484, vturner@mt.gov
  • Office of American Indian Health, Vacant
  • Tribal Relations Manager, Lesa Evers, (406) 444-1813, levers@mt.gov
  • Strategic Business Analyst, Tyler Weingartner, (406) 444-3516, Tyler.Weingartner@mt.gov
  • Administrative Assistant, Karen Cech, (406) 444-9772, KaCech@mt.gov   
  • Children's Trust Fund Grant Manager, Melissa Lavinder, 444-3002, MLavinder@mt.go
  • Medicaid Policy Analyst, Mary Eve Kulawik, (406) 444-2584, mkulawik@mt.gov
  • Montana No Kid Hungry Campaign Manager, Lisa Lee (406) 444-3518, llee@mt.gov
  • Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Karl Rosston, (406) 444-3349, KRosston@mt.gov

To contact the Director's Office:

111 North Sanders, Room 301, Helena MT 59620
PO Box 4210, Helena MT 59604-4210
(406) 444-5622
Fax: (406) 444-1970