If you are concerned someone is being trafficked, call the
Montana Human Trafficking Hotline at  833-406-STOP (7867)  or visit The Lifeguard Group.

Human Trafficking in Montana

Think human trafficking is a big city problem? The Sentinel Project, developed by the Montana Beer and Wine Distributors Association, produced this awareness video to shine a light on the extent of the problem in Montana.

MBWDA Sentinel Project from MBWDA on Vimeo.

Know the Signs. Potential indicators of sex trafficking may include:

  • Young person that is very hesitant to engage in conversation. Eyes are always downcast, avoiding eye contact, especially with men. Poor physical state…tired, malnourished, or shows signs of physical abuse or torture.

  • Seems to have trouble responding to what their name is or what location (City or even State) they are in. (Victims’ names are often changed frequently, as are their whereabouts. They typically do not stay in one location for long – at times for 24 hours or less).

  • Wearing clothes that do not fit the climate or the situation such as short shorts or skirts, tank tops, and no jacket in the middle of winter.

  • Lack of control over, money, personal possessions like bags, ID’s,or documents. May also be carrying very few possessions in a plastic bag.

  • May be accompanied by a dominating person, or someone they seem fearful of. That controlling person may also be someone who does not seem to “fit,” such as a much older individual, an individual of a different race, or with behavior seemingly inappropriate with the suspected victim.

  • Young girl or boy hanging around outside a convenience store, truck stop, casino, or other location. May be approaching different vehicles or men they do not seem to know.

Source: Montana Department of Justice 

  • Learn the signs to identify if someone in your faith or community organization is the victim of human trafficking.