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Gonorrhea in Montana

  • Gonorrhea cases in Montana have increased more than 10 fold since 2012, however, Montana’s 2018 rate of 112 cases per 100,000 was lower than the most recent national average of 171.9/100,000.
  • Gonorrhea has progressively developed resistance to many antibiotics, making it important to treat all patients per the CDC STD treatment guidelines.
  • Some men and most women have no symptoms, placing them at risk of unknowingly spreading the infection and for serious and permanent health problems. To find free or low-cost testing, visit GetTested.mt.gov for a location near you.

End Childhood Hunger - #WearOrangeWednesday, April 10th


  • CONNECT is a bi-directional referral system that allows providers to send and receive referrals.
  • Those who use CONNECT have a 75% client connection rate, meaning 75 out of 100 referrals result in the client starting services.
  • To learn more about CONNECT, watch a CONNECT demonstration, or to use CONNECT in your organization, contact Alex Long, Statewide CONNECT Coordinator.

Celebrating National Nutrition Month