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Healthy Montana Kids Dental

A member may receive up to $1900 in dental services per benefit year. Your benefit span runs from July 1st through June 30th. You are responsible for services that go over the $1900 dental plan limit.

Dental Services Requiring Prior Authorization

Dental implants are a covered benefit and require prior authorization.

HMK Dental Plan of Benefits - Effective July 1, 2017

What dental services are not covered?

Orthodontic services (braces)

Maxillofacial surgeries and prosthetics, surgical procedures, and treatment of factures.


Surgical repair of the mouth and gums due to an accident or congenital defect may be covered under the medical benefits of your plan.

Dental services needed for an accidental injury to healthy, natural teeth and gums are covered for 12 months from the date of accident

Hospital and anesthesia for dental services are covered for children age 5 and under. Prior authorization is needed for children over age 6.

The number of dentists is somewhat limited in Montana and some dentists may not accept new HMK members. Refer to the HMK Dental Providers for dentists in your area to make an appointment or ask if they accept new HMK members.