Health Insurance Premium Payment Program
Member Information

The Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program allows Medicaid funds to be used to pay for private health insurance coverage when it is cost effective to do so. The goals of the program are to:

  • Assist Montanans in obtaining private health insurance through an efficient approval process.
  • Provide or improve medical care for Montanans through access to private health insurance.
  • Control costs to the Medicaid program by seeking a liable third party for the payment of medical claims.
  • Provide timely customer service in the payment or reimbursement of health insurance premiums.

HIPP reimburses for the following health plans:

  • Group Plans - available through an employer.
  • COBRA plans - a continuation of the current health insurance plan.
  • Individual Health Plans.
  • Student Health Plan- obtained through a Montana college.
  • COBRA 75- the employer must have at least 75 employees & member does not have to be on Medicaid.

For additional information, please call (800) 694-3084 or email