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Contact Us

Montana Cardiovascular Health Program
Crystelle Fogle
(406) 947-2344
Fax: (406) 444-7465

Montana Cardiovascular Health Program Staff

Jessie Fernandes, MPH, CPH
Section Supervisor
E-mail: jfernandes@mt.gov
Phone: (406) 444-9155

Crystelle Fogle, MBA, MS, RD
Program Manager
E-mail: cfogle@mt.gov
Phone: (406) 947-2344

Margaret Mullins, MS
Quality Improvement Coordinator
E-mail: Margaret.Mullins@mt.gov
Phone: (406) 444-6968

Mike McNamara, MS
Secondary Prevention Specialist
e-mail: mmcnamara@mt.gov
Phone: (406) 444-9170

Carrie Oser, MPH
Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiologist/Evaluator
E-mail: coser@mt.gov
Phone: (406) 444-4002