EMS for Children

The mission of the Emergency Medical Services for Children (E.M.S.C.) Program is to reduce child and youth mortality and morbidity caused by severe illness or trauma. EMS for Children aims to ensure that

  1. State of the art emergency medical care is available for the ill and injured child or adolescent;
  2. Pediatric service is well integrated into an emergency medical service system backed by optimal resources; and 
  3. The entire spectrum of emergency services, including primary prevention of illness and injury, acute care and rehabilitation is provided to children and adolescents as well as adults, no matter where they live, attend school or travel.

Goals and Objectives 

Montana EMSC's Program focuses on:

  1. Strengthening Montana's Pediatric Readiness.
  2. Increasing the number of Montana hospitals that are formally recognized as Pediatric Prepared or a Pediatric Capable Facility.
  3. Increasing Montana's Emergency Medical Services Prehospital Pediatrics capabilities. 

New Additions 

The Engage-Calm-Distract Toolkit was developed for medical providers with strategies for reducing children's distress reactions and providing distraction activities when performing medical procedures.

The purpose of the EMSC Advisory Committee is to help EMSTS reduce the incidence of pediatric injury and illness in Montana, as well as to promote and advance excellence in the care of injured children.

EMSC/Pediatric Ready Advisory Council Members

List of all advisory committee members
Committee Member Affiliation 
Alyssa Johnson, RN, CEN Trauma Systems Manager - EMS & Trauma Systems - DPHHS
Ann Kurtz MT VDRS Reporting System
Ben King BP Medicine CEO
Laura Forcella St. Vincent Health Care, Pediatric Nurse Manger
Lori Roberts Lifelong Learning Librarian/EMT - Montana State Library
Jennifer Banna MT Family to Family Health Information Center - University of Montana
Buck Herron MT VDRS/Retired Law Enforcement 
Janet Miller EMS Provider, FAN Representative, Co-Chair
Katie Sheely Children's Special Health Services, Nurse Consultant
Cindee McKee Montana Hospital Association (MHA)
Dwight Nelson Director of MT Traffic Education
Don McGiboney Hospital Disaster Preparedness - DPHHS
Francine Janik MT EMS Licensing Specialist
Vacant State Medical Director
Jack Trethewey  Fire Based EMS
Jamey Petersen OPI/School Health Rep
Jason Mahoney  Montana Pediatric Liason Contractor
Maureen Ward Injury Prevention Program Manager - EMSTS - DPHHS
Jaunita Bueter, RN Montana School Nurse's Association
Jennifer Wilson MDT CPS Representative
Jenny Jo Allen ASPEN/IPV Rep
Jeremy Virts MT EMS Association VP/Great Falls
John Gildeaed, MD Physician
Kari Tutwiler  State FICMR Coordinator - DPHHS
Kira Huck Safe Kids MT Rep
Koren Bloom Safe Kids Coalition & Paramedic - Billings
Vacant  EMS for Children Program Manager - EMS & Trauma - DPHHS
Janet Trethewey  Cardiac Ready Communities - EMS & Trauma - DPHHS
Hannah Yang  Epidemiologist - EMS & Trauma - DPHHS
Dr. Emily Hall Kalispell/Montana AAP Representative 
Lanette Perkins Cultural Liason
Lyndy Gurchiek Big Sky EMS Rep
Mackenzie Petersen MT CSHN Section Supervisor
Rich Lammers MT Emergency Physician Association
Shari Graham EMS Systems Manager
Stacy Stellflug MSU
Stephanie Morton HMHB Rep
Steve Schmidt Buckle Up Missoula/DUI Task Force
Terry Mullins MT EMSTS Section Supervisor
Tracie Kiesel Buckle Up Tri-County Rep
Wendy Olson MT Buckle Up Rep/Kalispell


2022 Upcoming EMSC/Child Ready Advisory Committee Meetings:

List of advisory committee meeting dates in 2022
March 4, 2022
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
For more information please contact: 
Robin Suzor
EMSC/Child Ready Manager
(406) 444-0901
June 3, 2022
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Cogswell Building Rooms C207 & C209
1400 E. Broadway Street
Helena, MT
For more information please contact: 
Robin Suzor
EMSC/Child Ready Manager
(406) 444-0901
September 2, 2022
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Cogswell Building Rooms C207 & C209
1400 E. Broadway Street
Helena, MT
For more information please contact: 
Terry Mullins
EMSTS Section Supervisor
(406) 444-4460
December 2, 2022
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
For more information please contact: 


Meeting Minutes

September 2021

December 2021

March 2022

June 2022

Montana's Pediatric Facility Recognition Criteria Has Two Levels of Recognition

Montanans voluntary certification program recognizes hospitals that meet specific criteria for personnel training, equipment and facilities that support optimal care for ill or injured infants, children and adolescents.

Pediatric Prepared Facility 

Pediatric Prepared Emergency Care is a voluntary program recognizing hospitals that have demonstrated their ability to provide advanced pediatric care for the majority of pediatric medical emergencies including illness and injury. Pediatric Prepared Emergency Care is a partnership between hospitals, physicians, nurses, emergency personnel and the Emergency Medical Services for Children program at EMS & Trauma Systems and Child Ready MT within Montana Department of Health and Human Services.

Hospitals Recognized as a Pediatric Prepared Facility:

List of facilities and their cities
Facility City
St. Vincent Health Care Billings
Northern Montana Hospital Havre
North Valley Hospital Whitefish
Beartooth Billings Clinic Red Lodge
Kalispell Regional Healthcare Kalispell
Billings Clinic Billings
St. Patrick/Providence Hospital Missoula
Benefis Health System Great Falls
Community Medical Center Missoula
Bozeman Health Bozeman
St. James Healthcare Butte

(October 2019)

Pediatric Capable Facility

Pediatric Capable Emergency Care is a voluntary program recognizing hospitals that have the ability to provide limited pediatric care and have a system in place to transfer to a pediatric prepared facility. 

Hospital Recognized as a Pediatric Capable Facility: 

List of facilities and their cities
Facility City
Stillwater Billings Clinic Columbus
Phillips County Hospital Malta
Central Montana Medical Center Lewistown
Community Hospital of Anaconda Anaconda
Big Horn County Memorial Hospital Hardin
Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center Scobey
Pondera Medical Center Conrad

(October 2019) 

What we hope to accomplish:

  •  A Regional Council will be comprised of providers, nurses, mid-level providers, EMS and clinical support staff. We recognize that each region has both similarities and differences. 
  • A statewide goal of standards of care for pediatrics to help ensure the right care, in the right place, at the right time and with the right resources no matter where the child lives. 
  • The MT EMSC and Child Ready MT will be scheduling Pediatric Facility Recognition Site visits with Montana hospitals. During these visits assessments will be conducted using the Montana Pediatric Facility Recognition Criteria. The new Montana Pediatric Facility Recognition Criteria follows the Guidelines for Care of Children in the Emergency Department endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA). The Montana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics has given their endorsement as well. 

The Pediatric Facility Recognition application packet will include the following:

For further information or questions please contact Robin Suzor, EMSC Program Manager at (406) 444-0901 or at rsuzor@mt.gov.

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