Motor Vehicle and Seatbelt Safety

Montana's seatbelt usage is lower than the national average

  • 75.3% of Montana adults reported always wearing a seatbelt, which is lower than the national average of 90.3%.

Seatbelts are a highly effective way to save lives

  • Seatbelt use is the single most effective way to protect occupants from being ejected or from being violently tossed around inside the vehicle during a crash.
  • Montana Department of Transportation reported that out of 73 fatalities due to ejection in 2020, 67 were not wearing a seatbelt (92%). 

Lack of seatbelt use is costing all Montanans money

  • In Montana, a 10% point increase in seatbelt use could save over $4.2 million in lifetime medical costs and $1.1 million annually for state government insurance payers (Medicaid, Worker Compensation).

How to get involved

We need your help to increase seatbelt use in Montana. Stay up-to-date with the latest data, talk with others about this issue and help reinforce the norm that seatbelts are important and save lives.