PHEP Activations

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Service (DPHHS), Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) section is the coordinating entity for DPHHS for any healthcare incident, emergency, or disaster that exceeds the capabilities of the local health jurisdictions. Support for incidents can include the deployment of resources, incident management assistance, technical assistance, and the deployment of PHEP staff.  Aid can be requested from other states, federal partners, and other nations, as well as Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOADS). 

PHEP maintains a 24-hour On-Call Staff, which is the initial point of contact for DPHHS when a healthcare event occurs. Based on the size and complexity of an incident, PHEP may elect to activate the DPHHS Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which is located on the Capital Campus.   

The DPHHS EOC is managed with a NIMS/ICS model that incorporates Operations, Planning, Finance/Admin, and Logistic Sections. As an incident grows in scale or complexity, the EOC organizational structure may grow as additional functions are activated.

Response Operations

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EMAC & Resource Requests

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