Trauma Designation

Trauma Facility Designation is a process conducted by the EMS and Trauma Systems Section of the Department of Public Health and Human Services. The authority is provided for by Montana statute (Title 50, chapter 6, part 4, MCA) and rules adopted on July 28, 2006 Trauma Facility Resources Criteria.

Trauma Facility Designation Levels

Comprehensive Trauma Center (CTC) - Definitive comprehensive care for complex multisystem injured patients. Research conducted at facility. Residency program affiliation. Leader in professional and community education and system planning.

Regional Trauma Centers (RTC) - Initiate and provide definitive care for all injured patients. Assists with leadership for a geographical area or in lieu of CTC, which includes outreach to small facilities within the same service area.

Area Trauma Hospital (ATH) - Provide prompt assessment, resuscitation, surgery, intensive care, and stabilization for most injured patients.

Community Trauma Facility (CTF) - Provide evaluation, stabilization, diagnostic capabilities, and some surgical coverage for injured patients.

Trauma Receiving Facility (TRF) - Provide initial evaluation, stabilization, and diagnostic capabilities prior to transfer to definitive care. No surgical capabilities at facility.