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I'm HIV+ -- Now What?

I’m HIV+ -- Now What?

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is a federal program that funds the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) to manage what's called the Ryan White Part B program and work in collaboration with local city-county health departments, as well as community based organizations to provide various forms of services that work to improve access to health care and quality of life to people living with HIV. The Ryan White Part B program oversees the Ryan White Part C, ADAP, Early Intervention Services and Housing Assistance programs.  

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is the largest program administered under Part B.  ADAP provides HIV and other medications for people living with HIV at no cost to them.   ADAP can also help people with HIV pay for health insurance premiums and copayments, deductibles or coinsurance.   To see if you're eligible, please refer to the list of Medical Case Management Sites and contact the Ryan White Case Manager nearest you or complete an ADAP Application and call 444-4744 to contact Robert Elkins at the Montana DPHHS HIV/STD Program.  For more information or general questions, please call Lynne Johnston at 444-3565.   For a complete list of formulary medications, see the Montana ADAP Formulary.

Please note: If you are eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, IHS, or Veteran's Health benefits, you are not eligible to receive ADAP funded health insurance premium payment assistance.

Early Intervention Services (EIS) are intended to help stop the spread of HIV by providing free HIV testing, outreach, education and referral services outside of the the traditional health care settings.  If you are HIV negative, EIS will help you stay that way.  If you are HIV positive, EIS will connect you to the services that will help you stay healthy.  To contact someone in your local area about EIS, please refer to the Early Intervention Services Directory by clicking on the link below.

Social Services Resource Directory

Medical Case Management assesses the needs of the client, their family and social support system. Based upon the assessment, Medical Case Managers arrange, coordinate, monitor, evaluate, and advocate for a variety of services to meet the clients’ needs.   There are seven Ryan White Case Management sites in the state and work in conjunction with Community Based and AIDS Service Organizations to serve the governor's five planning regions. To contact one of the Medical Case Management Sites, see the list below or contact the Montana HIV/STD Program at 444-3565, for more information. 

Case Management Sites
Find a case manager at GetTested.mt.gov.

Partner Notification Services
This is a service available to HIV positive individuals to assist in the notification of sex and needle-sharing partners to encourage them to be tested for HIV. This service is provided by local health departments and on occasion, HIV prevention sites.

Interested in, or already on PrEP, but concerned about the cost? Don't worry, there's help! In addition to the prescription assistance offered by Gilead, the Patient Advocate Foundation is now offering additional PrEP copay assistance.  To apply, visit www.Copays.org or call toll free, 866-512-3861..

For further information, contact the HIV/STD Section at 1-406-444-3565. Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) 

For more info: Ryan White Target Center for Technical Assistance

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