Commitment Resources

Considering commitment of a person with a developmental disability to an institutional setting is a very serious, formal, and legal matter. Commitment should not be pursued unless all community options have been exhausted and the person poses an imminent risk of harm to self or others.  Information and resources that may be helpful when seeking commitment of a person with a developmental disability to the Intensive Behavior Center are provided below. 

Review the Emergency Admission and Involuntary Commitment power point and IBC Commitment Process document to learn about the commitment types and processes.


Please contact the Developmental Disability Program Officer below to provide notification if the intent is to pursue commitment. 

Suzanne Rowe, Program Officer
Developmental Disabilities


The next step is to submit the required information and documents to one of the DD Professionals listed below using a HIPAA-compliant method such as the State File Transfer Service. This is a secure, Federally compliant platform which protects the individual's private information:  

Michelle McCall, MD 

Nancy L. McVean, LCPC, MHPP