Substance Abuse Management System (SAMS)
Instruction Manual

Table of Contents

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Section Number Section
1 General Instruction
2 Client Information Screen
3 Client Admission Screen
4 Client Insurance Screen
5 Client Eligibility Screen
6 Client Diagnosis Screen
7 Client Drug Matrix Screen
8 Client Placement Screen
9 Client Treatment Screen
10 Client Discharge Screen
11 Client Follow-up Screen
12 Act Program Screen
13 SAMS Invoicing Screen
14 SAMS Admission Quick Reference
15 SAMS Invoicing Quick Reference Guide
16 SAMS Explanation of  Invoicing Terms
17 SAMS Checklist Hints for Entering SAMS Data
18 SAMS Group Therapy Service Screens
19 SAMS Transfer in Placement Screens
20 SAMS Discharge Quick Reference Guide
21 SAMS Frequently Asked Questions
22 SAMS Provider Maintenance
APPENDIX B Service Code Tables
APPENDIX C Addiction Severity Index  Reference Guide
APPENDIX D Facility & Services Reference Guide