Montana Pharmacists


The credentialing was developed and is conducted by the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy with continuing education credits available at no charge to the pharmacists.
For details and to request materials, call (406) 243-4137 or email

Payment Procedures

The State of Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services will pay claims for procedure codes submitted upon completion of the consultation and, if indicated, completion of any follow-up. We pay up to $200.00 per consultation (including follow-up).

Reporting Requirements

The licensed and credentialed participating pharmacist will provide reporting to the patients’ primary care provider (e.g., physician) and the program and on any follow-up that will be conducted with clients. The program will track data to measure program effectiveness, volume of referrals, and potential cost savings for the patient.

The PharmAssist program is open to all Montana citizens, regardless of age or income, who will benefit from an in depth consultation.

The goals of the program are to offer Montana citizens:

  • An avenue to investigate ways of controlling medication costs, maximize drug therapies and at the same time derive additional health benefits from proper and prudent use of medications.
  • An opportunity to build and strengthen the relationship with a participating community pharmacist. The participating pharmacist is providing medication management recommendations.
  • An opportunity to improve communication with their healthcare provider.
  • An opportunity to receive education and support for efforts in taking a more active role in their own healthcare regimen.

Other goals are:

  • To improve communication between primary-care providers and pharmacists: Pharmacists involved in this program are not diagnosing, treating medical conditions or prescribing medications. The pharmacist is providing medication management recommendations.
  • Pharmacists involved will provide a comprehensive accounting of all medical conditions and medication therapies giving a complete picture for building personalized treatment plans.

Patient Self-Referral

Expedited Contractor Referral