A Healthier Montana

A Healthier Montana

The 2017 State Health Assessment provides a broad overview of the health of Montanans, from birth to death, physical health to mental health, and communicable disease to chronic disease. It also includes information about the social determinants of health, or, how where we live, work, and play impacts our health and wellbeing. 

The 2019-2023 Montana State Health Improvement Plan highlights shared statewide priorities for improving the health of Montanans. It includes objectives for monitoring improvement over time and proposed prevention and health promotion, clinical, policy, and health equity strategies for driving improvement.

Participate in the State Health Improvement Plan

Many states have a SHIP and implementation looks different in every state. In Montana, some examples of how you can currently participate in SHIP implementation include:

  • Sign up below to receive a newsletter every other month about the SHIP that includes recent meeting summaries, a calendar of upcoming events, recent literature reviews, and partner updates.
  • Contact the Plans Coordinator for a presentation to your organization or program about the SHIP and how it could be incorporated into your work.
  • Align your organization's or program's goals and strategies with Montana's shared health priorities to actively participate in improving the health of your community.
  • Reach out to your local or tribal health departmentto learn if they have a Community Health Assessment (CHA) or Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) and volunteer to participate. Direct them to the Public Health System Improvement Office for information about grants to support CHAs and CHIPs.