Participate in A Healthier Montana

Many states have a State Health Assessment and Improvement Plan and implementation looks different in every state. Explore the opportunities below to learn more about how you can get involved, and reach out to the State Health Improvement Coordinator for:

  1. A presentation to your organization or program about the SHIP and how it could be incorporated into your work.
  2. Support aligning your organization's or program's goals and strategies with Montana's shared health priorities to actively participate in improving the health of your community, and
  3. Help contacting your local or tribal health department to learn if they have a Community Health Assessment (CHA) or Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) and volunteer to participate.

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The Public Health System Improvement Office (PHSIO) often offers grants to support CHAs, CHIPs, strategic plans, and other similar efforts informed by public health accreditation standards and measures. The PHSIO shares these and other opportunities on the Building Healthy Systems webpage.

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