Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP)

Autism Facilities Grant for Providers


Developmental Disabilities Workforce Capacity Development Near-Term Initiative



Persons with developmental disabilities are much the same as everyone else and able to do the things that others can - they just may need extra help to get things done. 

It is important for everyone to live and work within their home communities and the assistance and support of their families and friends, but sometimes more assistance and training is needed than family friends, communities or other natural supports can provide on their own. There may be a need for additional help from services through the Montana Developmental Disabilities Program.

We are located throughout the State of Montana with the DDP Central Office in  Helena and   Regional Offices in Glasgow, Great Falls, Billings, Helena, and Missoula as well as satellite offices in Miles City, Butte, Bozeman, and Kalispell. 

Services provided to eligible persons through the Developmental Disabilities Program are available at no cost to individuals of any age.  Many kinds of services are offered through providers in communities or self-directed options. This support is separate from other assistance that is provided through schools, Medicaid, private insurance, Social Security, and other sources.


Persons who meet eligibility criteria do not wait to receive Targeted Case Management or   Montana Milestones Part C Early Intervention   services. Eligibility is determined through the Developmental Disabilities Program and is separate from other programs. Receiving assistance from other programs does not affect potential eligibility for services.

Targeted Case Management

All eligible individuals age 16 and older may receive Targeted Case Management.  The Case Manager will assess an individual to determine needs for medical, educational, social and other services.

Montana Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)

Developmental Disabilities Waiver Program

Waiver services  are Medicaid funded Services and Support that provide more extensive options within community-based options.  Waiver Services are long-term services and supports that may be provided by a Contracted DDP Provider or Self-Directed by the Individual with Provider Choice or Employer Authority. Waiver Services  generally offer skills training, residential, community inclusion and employment support based on the person's assessed level of needs.  DDP Waiver Services in Montana are limited and not entitled services for all eligible persons.  A person may be determined to be eligible for DDP Services and will likely be placed on a waiting list.  It is important that action is taken as soon as possible to determine eligibility of a person with a disability so that the person is placed on the list of those in need of Waiver Services.

For More Information About Eligibility, Services and Providers Contact:

Developmental Disabilities Program
111 Sanders, Room 305
Helena, Montana 59604
406-444-2995 - fax (406) 444-0230
the Regional Office nearest you.