Make a Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

**IMPORTANT** Please contact our EFT Specialist by email or phone prior to initiating the EFT process with your bank otherwise the transaction will fail.

Terrie McNac
(406) 444-2775

Below is a list of steps the CSSD follows to bring an entity online electronically:

Montana accepts ONLY CCD+ and CTX820 formats.

  1. The requester contacts MT to let them know they want to go EFT.
  2. The requester sends a file for case reconciliation (this can be sent as a password protected email or faxed to (406) 444-6934). Montana verifies payor's name (first and last), SSN, MT case number, FIPS code (you may use 30999 for all Montana cases).
  3. Montana completes case reconciliation and returns the file to requester.
  4. Any discrepancies in case reconciliation will be resolved.
  5. MT provides the requester with a letter containing their bank information. (This can be faxed to the requester.) Montana has a CSP in front of their bank account number.  If your agency is not set up to accept alpha/numeric characters in the bank account field, then you will not be able to set up EFT with Montana.  Please verify this before proceeding with EFT.
  6. When the requester is ready, a transaction with a zero dollar amount (test) is sent to Montana. The requester must notify Montana when to expect the test file.  If the requester is already set up EFT with several other States, the requester and the State of Montana may opt to skip these steps.
  7. MT will verify the test file works correctly.
  8. If for some reason the test file does not work correctly, Montana will request the agency to make corrections and repeat this process again.
  9. When the files have run successfully, the requester notifies Montana when to expect the first live transaction.

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