Child Care Licensing Project

Project Purpose

  • Examine and improve child care licensing requirements and processes to understand how we can better support the child care system to provide quality care
  • Increase capacity of Montana’s child care system so we have high quality care available for all of Montana’s children

Project Scope

  • Assess child care licensing strengths and gaps
  • Analyze and recommend and implement opportunities to clarify, streamline, align, or otherwise improve statutes, regulations, and policies
  • Conduct value stream and business process mapping and develop re-engineering recommendations
  • Look at data systems and how they could better support business process improvements
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Support organizational change management work


The 2022 Montana Child Care Licensing Assessment analyzes stakeholder input about strengths and gaps in the state’s childcare licensing program.  The assessment is a foundational component of a broader project to improve childcare licensing for the state, which includes improvements to child care licensing regulations, policies, procedures, and data systems. 

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Updates in progress.

Staying Informed

Updates in progress.