Healthy Montana Families

Maternal and Early Childhood Home Visiting

What is home visiting?

  • Voluntary, family-centered services by a professionally trained home visitor
  • Serves pregnant and newly parenting women and families/caregivers with infants and young children (under 5 years of age).
  • Federally funded primarily through the Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) funding.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is broad and varies by each home visiting model. Generally, HMF serves pregnant or post-natal women and families/caregivers with children under the age of 5 who also experience at least one of the following:

  • Low income (under 200% of the Federal Poverty Level)
  • Pregnant women under 21 years
  • History of child abuse or neglect or interactions with child welfare (Caregiver or enrolled child)
  • History of substance abuse or need substance abuse treatment (Self reported or identified through referral)
  • Users of tobacco products in the home (nicotine delivery systems)
  • Low student achievement (caregiver or child)
  • Child with developmental delays or disabilities (enrolled child or another child in the household)
  • Families that include current or former members of the armed forces

Where can I find Home Visiting Services in my Community?

Click on a black STAR below for contact information for each Local Implementing Agency.

The models implemented in Montana are:

  • Children 5 years old or younger; may enroll prenatally
  • Participants must be enrolled for at least two years between pregnancy and when the child enters kindergarten.
  • Three areas of emphasis: Parent-Child Interaction, Development-centered Parenting, and Family Well-being
Parents as Teachers

  • Delivered by a licensed Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Mother enrolled prenatally
    -  First-time mothers under 28 weeks gestation
    -  Pilot Program for mothers in 2nd or subsequent pregnancy
  • Designed to improve: Pregnancy Outcomes, Child Health and Development, and Families’ Economic Self-sufficiency
  • Services available until the child is 2 years old

Nurse Family Partnership

  • Children 5 years old or younger; may enroll pre-natal
  • Improves parents’/caregivers’ skill in three areas: Parent-infant/child Interaction, Home Safety, and Child Health Care
  • Structured program with flexible delivery
  • Completed in 18 sessions (6 session per each of the 3 modules)
  • Each session typically lasts 50 to 90 minutes
  • Delivered no more than twice a week and no less than every two weeks


  • Only evidence-based home visiting program designed for, by, and with American Indian families
  • Native American families with children younger than 3 years old, may enroll prenatally
  • Recommended to enroll by 28 weeks of gestations and continuing until the child’s third birthday
  • Promotes mothers’/caregivers’ parenting skills and assists with developing coping and problem-solving skills
  • Curriculum incorporates traditional tribal teachings
  • 63 lessons divided into six domains: Prenatal care, Infant care, Child development, Toddler care, Life skills, and Healthy living

Family Spirit

Healthy Montana Families Program Goals

The goals of Healthy Montana Families are:

  • Support evidence-based home visiting services in Montana.
  • Improve coordination of services for communities.
  • Identify and provide comprehensive services to improve outcomes for families.
  • Improve maternal and child health outcomes which include: child development and school readiness; child health; family economic self-sufficiency; maternal health; positive parenting practices; reductions in child maltreatment; and reductions in juvenile delinquency, family violence, and crime.