Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP)

In 2021, MEHEA partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) to administer the Montana Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.


To eliminate and prevent childhood lead poisoning in Montana through the promotion of blood lead testing and monitoring and strengthened linkages to recommended services for exposed children, families, and caregivers.

Program Activities

  • Support lead poisoning monitoring activities at all levels
  • Enhance lead poisoning monitoring through data collection and analysis
  • Increase testing and reporting of blood lead
  • Implement system improvements to the testing and reporting process
  • Link children to recommended services
  • Report back to stakeholders: providers, county and tribal public health departments, federal partners, communities, and households
  • Facilitate the CLPPP Advisory Committee
  • Manage the CLPPP Local Partnership Project 
  • Alert the public to lead-related recalls 

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Contact the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Team

Emma Whitehead
Environmental Health Program Specialist
(406) 444-3284

Environmental Health Epidemiologist