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Quality Improvement

The Montana Immunization Program conducts quality improvement processes designed to assist clinics with improving their immunization coverage rates for children and teens.

Montana Data

Montana Data
The Montana Immunization Program uses data from a variety of sources. These sources include data from imMTrax (Montana’s statewide immunization information system), the annual school immunization assessment, and the national surveys that determine coverage for children, teens, and adults.

2017-2018 County Coverage by 24 months of age: This report is a summary of Montana’s aggregated VFC clinic immunization coverage rates by county for the past two years.

2019 Adolescent Vaccine County Coverage of 13-17 year olds: These maps include Montana’s adolescent coverage rates at the county level, for 13-17 year olds using data from imMTrax, Montana’s statewide immunization information system. There are coverage rate maps for each of the vaccines as well as 1 Tdap, 1 MenACWY, and 1 HPV series.

2019 MMR County Coverage by 16 months, 19 months, and 24 months of age: These maps include Montana’s MMR coverage rates at the county level, for 16-35 month olds at 16 months of age, at 19 months of age, and at 24 months of age, using data from imMTrax, Montana’s statewide immunization information system.

Montana School Immunization Assessment Results: These reports are the annual school immunization assessment conducted by the Montana Immunization Program each fall to evaluate compliance with state immunization requirements outlined in Montana Code Annotated (MCA) 20-5-403.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) VaxView:  The VaxView websites provide vaccination coverage data for all ages. Monitoring coverage for recommended vaccinations across the country helps CDC assess how well local areas, states, and the nation are protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Award Recipients

The Montana Immunization Program provides recognition to clinics for high coverage levels, improvement in coverage levels, and work towards implementing quality improvement activities outlined during the Feedback session.

2019 Award Recipients

2018 Award Recipients

Provider Quality Improvement

Provider Quality Improvement
Our provider quality improvement program’s purpose is to support clinics with their implementation of quality improvement strategies. Data from imMTrax is utilized to provide an assessment of coverage rates for 24-35 month olds and 13 year olds for the clinic. We share this information through an in-person discussion with the clinic. During this time we will discuss the clinic’s immunization delivery process and assist the clinic, if they have not already, in identifying quality improvement strategies that may be beneficial to the clinic and their patients. The program will provide support and technical assistance to the clinic as they work to implement quality improvement strategies.

The three strategies of focus this year are:

  • Schedule the next immunization visit before the patient leaves the office
  • Leverage imMTrax functionality to improve immunization practice
  • Give a strong vaccine recommendation

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