Students who have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes require special management of their health care needs at school. This allows them to be ready to learn and have access to equal educational opportunities as their peers. It ensures that students with diabetes are safe at school. In the long-term, research shows that intensive management of diabetes helps to decrease the complications of the disease.

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American Diabetes Association Camp Montana
August 4-9, 2019
Beartooth Christian Camp, Fishtail, MT

Camp Montana is a lifeline for children with diabetes to develop the critical skills needed to thrive while managing this disease. Attending summer camp helps children develop social skills, self-respect and life-long friendships. We give kids the opportunity to meet other kids just like them while fostering independence, building self-confidence and gaining an awareness of a healthy lifestyle through education, nutrition, exercise, emotional well-being and glucose control.

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Diabetes Care in the Classroom

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Montana DPHHS School Health Grants

$500-$1,500 grants are available to schools seeking to carry out chronic disease related projects in the school or district. School nurses, school counselors, public health nurses, and school administrators are eligible to apply for grants. Certified asthma and/or diabetes educators are also eligible to apply. Additional information can be found on on the School Health Grants page. 

Partner Acknowledgments

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of key partners in the development of this diabetes page and its resources:

  • Montana Kids with Diabetes - School Collaborative
    • Montana parents of children with diabetes
    • Montana healthcare providers of children with diabetes
    • Montana educators and school leaders
    • Montana Association of  School Nurses
    • Montana Diabetes Educators Network
    • Montana Office of Public Instruction
    • Montana Board of Nursing
    • American Diabetes Association - National, Regional, and Montana Offices
  • American Diabetes Association, Alaska Area
  • Alaska Division of Public Health
  • Colorado Kids with Diabetes

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