Environmental Health

Lab Safety

Playground Safety

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that 205,860 children receive emergency department care for injuries that occurred on playground equipment. The majority of these injuries involve equipment at schools (45%). 

Public Playground Safety Handbook- U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Safety on the Playground: How can I keep my child safe on the playground?- American Academy of Pediatrics

Air Quality

Other Information

  • Clean School Bus U.S.A.
    The web site of the Environment Protection Agency includes information on idle reduction, retrofitting, and replacement. You can also request free outreach materials from the EPA to help with your program.
    • EPA Idle Free Schools Toolkit
      The Idle Free Schools Toolkit includes all of the information needed to run an effective idling reduction campaign at a school in order to reduce student exposure to toxic vehicle exhaust.
    • Fuel Savings Calculator
      Use the EPA’s Fuel Savings Calculator to find out how much Fuel and Money you could save by implementing a no idling policy.
    • The U.S. Department of Energy
      The U.S. department of Energy website provides information on using alternative fuels in school bus fleets. Read several success stories of school bus fleet transitions to alternative fuels.
    • The American Lung Association
      View resources from the American Lung Association on creating asthma friendly schools and reducing air pollution for all students and staff in the school environment.