School Employee Wellness Policies

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Professional Learning

  • When feasible, the District will offer annual professional learning opportunities and resources for staff to increase knowledge and skills about promoting healthy behaviors in the classroom and school (e.g., increasing the use of kinesthetic teaching approaches or incorporating nutrition lessons into math class). Professional learning will help District staff understand the connections between academics and health and the ways in which health and wellness are integrated into ongoing district reform or academic improvement plans/efforts.

Staff Wellness

  • School staff serve as role models for students and are the key to successful implementation of student wellness programs. Therefore, the district and schools should offer staff wellness programs as well as general wellness resources and opportunities. This may include workshops and presentations on health promotion, stress management, education and resources that will enhance morale, encourage healthy lifestyles, prevent injury, reduce chronic diseases, and foster exceptional role modeling.
  • The District will have a staff wellness subcommittee that focuses on staff wellness issues, identifies and disseminates wellness resources and performs other functions that support staff wellness in coordination with human resources staff. Schools in the District will implement strategies to support staff in actively promoting and modeling healthy eating and physical activity behaviors. The District will encourage staff member participation in health promotion programs and will support programs for staff members on healthy eating/weight management that are accessible and free or low-cost. 
  • Commitment to Employee Wellness
    • The school will do an annual interest assessment with all staff including teachers and other personnel.
    • The school will make efforts to provide physical activity opportunities and healthy eating programs.
    • Staff lounge areas, trainings, and other meetings will offer healthy food choices.
    • Trainings and meetings more than 1 hour in length will offer physical activity breaks.
    • Staff will be given information on preventive health, physical activity, and good nutrition throughout the year.
  • The Superintendent or designee shall encourage staff to serve as positive role models for healthy eating and physical fitness. The District has a program to promote work-site wellness programs and may provide opportunities for regular physical activity among employees.
  • Schools in the District will implement strategies to support staff in actively promoting and modeling healthy eating and physical activity behaviors. Examples of strategies schools will use, as well as specific actions staff members can take, include:
    • Annual onsite biometric screenings provided by the local health department at each school
    • Go365 Wellness and Rewards Program
    • School employees receive a membership discount at local fitness center
    • Outdoor exercise equipment is available for staff use

  Successful School Employee Wellness Programs

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