Self-Direction Waiver Options

DDP implemented the expanded Self-Direction with Employer Authority Option in the DDP Waivers beginning January 1, 2012.


Support Broker Requirements in Self-Direction with Employer Support - 05/03/2016

Persons who are managing their own employees are encouraged to have the services of a Support Broker to provide assistance in Self-Directing services for the first year following choosing this option. A participant and/or their representative is advised to implement Self-Direction with Employer Authority for those services in which they manage their own employees once a Support Broker’s services have been obtained.

Support Broker services may be provided in an unpaid or paid capacity. Unpaid persons providing Support Broker services must have first passed the State of Montana DDP written Support Broker Certification Examination.

To be paid as a Support Broker, the broker must be certified by the State of Montana DDP. A link for the current list of Certified Support Brokers can be found below.

The Certified Support Broker lists should be supplied at the annual Individual Planning meetings after January 1. 2012 to all persons and their representatives who have expressed their desire to begin Self-Direction with Employer Authority.

Information for Persons Interested in Self-Directing Services

List of Agency with Choice Providers

Requirements for Self-Directing

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Fiscal Management Services Information for Self Direct Employers

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Incident Reporting

Incidents as outlined in the Incident Management Policy Manual are to be reported electronically as a General Event Report (GER) using the Therap documentation system.. If the reporter does not have an account in Therap, using a hard copy of the GER form. Hard copies of General Event Reports are now found in the 'Therap Modules and DDP Guidelines for Montana Provider and DDP Users' table on the Therap Montana Page.

Notifications and Incident Reports (GERs) must be submitted within the time frames specified within the Incident Management Policy. Hard copies of the GER may be faxed or scanned and e-mailed within the required timeframe to the to the Regional Office in your area listed below.

Contact the DDP Regional Office in your area to set up an account in the Therap Documentation System or College of Direct Supports.

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For More Information Contact:

Cathy Murphy
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