How to Become a New DDP Provider

Important -

  • If the provider desires to contract directly with DDP and the service standard (which can be found in the links below) requires an individual to have a professional license/certification to provide the service, a DDP contract for licensed professionals is sufficient to become a qualified provider.
  • If the service standard is agency-based and must be delivered by an Organized Health Care Delivery System (OHCDS), a full application to become a new DDP provider must be completed.
  • A licensed/certified individual may also subcontract with an OHCDS-designated DDP qualified provider to provide the service.
  • Copies of sample DDP contract can be obtained by contacting you local DDP Office.


To become a new DDP Provider, you must determine which services you are able to provide under a particular funding source. The main funding sources through which a DDP Provider can be reimbursed for providing services are:

  • DDP Rates Information
  • 0208 Comprehensive Waiver, which provides the services listed below that are primarily directed toward adults with developmental disabilities but which, in some instances, are extended to children or children and families

Limited funding through one time only grants is sometimes also available, though it can be very limited in amount and very short term.

Administrative Rules

Once you have identified services under one or more of the Waivers that you believe you are able to offer, you should review the Department rules (ARM 37, Chapter 34) describing what must be provided under each of those services, to determine whether you believe you can meet the requirements for that service.

Application Process

Once you determine which services you can offer while meeting Department rules, you must:

  • Fill out an DDP Qualified Provider Application
  • Complete required background check as required by the DDP Criminal History Background Check Policy, effective 8/06.
  • Make arrangements to meet all liability insurance and bonding requirements as specified in the contract