MedCompass Care Management System

DDP to Implement New Care Management System, MedCompass, in Summer 2020

A Note from DDP Leadership

MedCompass is a new technology system that will replace several existing DPHHS solutions. It is part of the Montana Program for Automating and Transforming Healthcare (MPATH). MedCompass will show all program data and benefits for individual members in one place. The new system will provide a holistic view of members for several DPHHS program staff, targeted case managers, stakeholders, and contracted providers. This will improve member services for affected programs, including Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program, Montana Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership Plan, and others.

The links on this page provide information, updates, and answers to frequently asked questions about the MedCompass transition.

If you have a question related to MedCompass or related changes, please send an email to


Lindsey Carter


Why do we need a new system?

DDP serves approximately 7,300 people with different types of disabilities across the state. Members live, work and receive services and supports in communities across Montana. Member needs and services are varied and today DDP case managers have to look for member information in multiple systems that do not share information. Members and their guardians cannot access all of their information in one place. DPHHS staff and contracted providers have to perform many tasks manually, moving in and out of different systems to do their work. Our members need a care management system that encompasses all their programs and services and provides self-service access to their own information. Our staff, case managers, and providers need a solution that is built on access to information and processes that drive member centric services.

The MPATH care management module will solve many of those issues, creating a more efficient and member-centered experience for DDP staff, case managers, providers, and members. MedCompass will show all program data and benefits for individual members in one place. It will provide a holistic view of member information and their care coordination. Members and their guardians will have access to their information using the member self-service portal. This should improve the members’ knowledge of what is happening with their care across programs. The new care management system will enable DPHHS to maximize opportunities for independence, well-being, and health among people with disabilities. It will help DDP achieve our mission of effectively coordinating resources, supports, and services for people to have meaningful lives in their communities.

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