Prevention Partners

Youth Connections - Regional Technical Assistance Leaders (RTALs) 

They support agencies and businesses who offer youth activities because they know kids who are involved in positive activities aren’t involved in negative ones.

Youth Connections cares about Helena’s future. They are a diverse group of community members who work to make Helena a healthy and supportive place for kids and families. They focus on preventing and reducing substance abuse and violence, while enhancing social, emotional and mental health supports for Helena’s youth. With the combined efforts of our coalition members – consisting of parents, educators, youth-serving organizations, church and business leaders – they are building a better Helena by providing valuable, evidence-based programs, services, and activities to help youth and families thrive. Read more on   Youth Connections Website.

CONNECT Montana  - What is CONNECT Montana?

CONNECT is a secure, web-based system for sending and receiving referrals. Agencies are brought together under a single information sharing agreement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Release of Information (ROI) that is HIPAA, FERPA, 42CFR and IDEA compliant.

The system was created in 2009 from client advocacy and a desire to increase linkages to external resources. The current version was launched in September 2019 and includes enhanced referral features, along with robust data collection and reporting capabilities.

Strategic referral tracking via CONNECT aims to improve the referral process in our communities by establishing accountability and improving processes for the exchange of client information. The ultimate goal is to foster collaborative culture among service providers in Montana. Read more on   CONNECT Montana Website.

The Center For Communities That Care PLUS

Communities that Care (CTC) is a framework, developed by the University of Washington, that helps communities prevent problems before they develop. Many see dramatic reductions in levels of youth alcohol & tobacco use and crime & violence. The CTC process begins with a youth survey to identify a community’s risks and strengths. Based on these data, CTC helps communities select and implement tested & effective prevention programs and policies. CTC also helps amplify programs already working. Read more on our   CTC Webpage.

Injury Prevention Program 

Montana leads the nation with one of the highest rates of injury death and injury is the leading cause of death for Montanans age 1-44. On average each year, approximately 850 Montanans die from an injury. Death only represents a small number of injuries occurring each year. There are also many hospitalizations, emergency department and physician visits resulting from injury. For some, an injury is a temporary inconvenience while for others it leads to disability, chronic pain, significant changes in lifestyle, and death. The financial and quality of life costs due to injuries could be reduced in Montana through effective prevention efforts. Read more on   Injury Prevention Website.

Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program

Addressing the Public Health Crisis caused by the use of all forms of Commercial Tobacco Products. Part of the Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Division. Read more on Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program Website.