Adoption in Montana

Who Are the Children?

Children who are available for adoption through the Child and Family Services Division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services have been removed from their own families because of abuse, neglect or other family problems that make it unsafe for them to remain at home.  The rights of their parents have been terminated making the children available for adoption.  For more information on Montana's Waiting Children Photo Listings go to:

Who May Adopt?

Either married couples or single adults who have an approved pre-placement evaluation or adoptive home study may adopt in the State of Montana.


Tax Information for Adoptive Parents

For adoptive parents who have finalized adoptions of children who have met the State of Montana’s special needs criteria in the year 2010, and who require documentation from the state verifying their adoptive child(ren) special needs for IRS purposes, please contact Afton Russell, Post Adoption Services Program Manager, at (406) 329-1532. 

Social and Medical History Forms

More Information About Becoming a Foster Parent

State-Licensed Private Adoption Agencies

Becoming a Foster Parent in Montana