Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction that is a safe, proven, confidential method of receiving a payment. With Direct Deposit, money is electronically transferred into a checking or savings account. Direct Deposit is secure, convenient and fast. A Direct Deposit payment has never been lost; it saves consumers from waiting in lines at their financial institution and gives many people access to their money earlier than a traditional check. If you are interested in signing up for Direct Deposit please mail the completed form below to the attention of DPHHS-Accounts Payable at PO Box 4210, Helena MT  59604-4210.

Direct Deposit Form

Please Note: After your bank information is received and put in our system, YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE MORE CHECK through the mail as a test before the direct deposit goes into effect.   The Adoption, Guardianship, and Foster Care subsidy checks are usually issued on the 4th business day at the beginning of each month barring any delays. If there are two people listed in your provider information with the Child & Family Services Division, both signatures are needed on the form. Your notice of direct deposit will be dated the day the funds are sent into the Federal Reserve System.  Please allow two working days from the date of the notice before checking with your bank to verify the deposit. If you close your current account or change financial institutions, please contact the Child and Family Services Division to cancel your direct deposit.  These funds cannot be forwarded or transferred to your new account.  We will be able to set up direct deposit to your new account with a completed Direct Deposit Enrollment form.