Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT)

Comprehensive School and Community Treatment is a mental health center service provided by a public school district. A CSCT treatment team includes a licensed or supervised in-training practitioner and up to two behavioral aides, who are assigned to a specific public school(s). Once admitted into the program, a youth may receive services at the school, the home, or in the community. Services are focused on improving the youth’s functional level by facilitating the development of skills related to exhibiting appropriate behaviors in the school, home, and community settings. These youth typically require support through cueing or modeling of appropriate behavioral and life skills to utilize and apply learned skills in normalized school and community settings. Comprehensive School and Community Treatment includes: (a) Individual, Group and Family Therapy; and (b) Behavioral and life skills training. Please refer to the Children’s Mental Health Medicaid Services Provider Manual for more information.

Starting October 1, 2021, CSCT transitioned to an intergovernmental transfer (IGT) funding methodology. Under the IGT, all payable CSCT claims are suspended in MMIS until the state match is met by the school district. School districts will need to provide the state match – a non-federal (state and local), hard match - each month. Claims where the match has not been met will remain in suspension until the match is received.

Please direct any CSCT program, claims, enrollment and IGT (match statements, certification forms, or payments) questions to DPHHS’s Children’s Mental Health Bureau’s CSCT Medicaid Program Officer: Christine White, 406-444-5916 or