Demonstration of Pyramid Model Practices

The Montana early care and education community has new resources available. Two videos were created in partnership with Bal Swan Children's Center, the Pyramid Model Consortium, The Montana Head Start Collaboration Office within DPHHS, and the Montana Early Childhood Project. They show a typical day in a toddler program and a preschool program using the Pyramid Model to fidelity. These videos were developed to highlight evidence–based teaching practices as demonstrated by a high fidelity Pyramid Model implementation site. Additionally, there are resource guides and table of contents to allow for ease of use.

We anticipate that these videos can be used in a myriad of ways from short clips to viewing in their entirety. As professionals view the videos, they will observe practices that:

  • Support nurturing and responsive caregiving
  • Promote high quality, engaging environments
  • Enhance the social emotional competence of children
  • Decrease the likelihood of challenging behavior
  • Support children’s overall learning and development

In addition to viewing the video in its entirety, titles and labels have been added throughout to call attention to (a) the environment and specific routines of the day, and (b) discrete teaching practices that support young children’s social emotional development. We are excited to share these free resources to enhance your professional development tool chest.