Adolescent Health

The Adolescent Health Programs (AHP) provide services to adolescents (aged 10-24) as they develop from children to adults. Adolescents make up 19% of Montana’s population, so it is important to provide them with education, resources, and services that improve their health outcomes. Healthy behaviors developed in adolescence are key determinants for health outcomes in adulthood and later life. While adolescence is generally a healthy period in the lifespan, health behaviors developed during this time have implications for future health outcomes. Behavioral patterns established in adolescence such as diet, exercise, sexual behaviors, and substance use can impact short and long-term health outcomes.

The mission of AHP is to ensure that Montana youth have optimal physical, mental, social, and reproductive health.

AHP aims to improve the overall health of adolescents in Montana by implementing several programs that focus on the following topics:

  • Providing resources for expectant and parenting young families to help them continue their education, learn essential parenting and life skills, improve their preparedness for the workforce, and more.
  • Raising awareness about sexual violence and prevention, promoting bystander intervention, and changing social norms surrounding sexual violence.
  • Providing resources for expectant mothers who have experienced some form of sexual violence.
  • Reducing teen pregnancy rates, educating teens about healthy relationships, and raising awareness about STDs and HIV.


Learn more about sexual violence prevention and services for victims by visiting Sexual Violence Prevention and Victim Services (SVPVS) page.

Learn more about teen pregnancy prevention by visiting Optimal Health for Montana Youth (OHMY) page.

If you have questions regarding a specific program, you can find the contact information for each Program Specialist on the Contact Us page, or near the bottom of their program’s webpage.