Maternal and Child Health

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Epidemiology Section collaborates with the Early Childhood and Family Support Division programs and MCH partners to effectively use data in monitoring and addressing maternal and child health issues in Montana. The section analyzes and interprets data for use in program planning, evaluation, assessment, and policy development.

MCH Epidemiology Section Activities

  • Population Health Needs Assessment and Surveillance: To assess the status, needs, and disparities within the maternal and child health population through data collection, data analytics, and GIS.
  • Measurement and Reporting: To measure and report the impact of health conditions and respond to data requests by agency executives, legislators, federal and local partners, advocates, media, and the public-at-large.
  • Program and Intervention Evaluation: To measure the impact and return on investment of MCH programming and highlight potential improvements for future interventions.
  • Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS): To collect, analyze, and report Montana-based data on maternal behaviors and experiences before, during, and after pregnancy.
  • State Systems Development Initiative (SSDI): To develop, enhance, and expand maternal and child health data capacity in Montana and provide epidemiological support for the Title V MCH Block Grant program.

MCH Data and Resources


Miriam Naiman-Sessions

Senior MCH Epidemiologist Supervisor

406 444-1921


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