Walk with Ease Self-Directed Program

The Walk with Ease Self-Directed Program is a six-week walking program for  anyone who would like to start or maintain a low impact exercise program .

The Montana Health Care and Benefits Division supports the Walk with Ease program.

"The Walk with Ease program encouraged me to get out and exercise. It helped to my improve my mental health during the pandemic by giving me a purpose in my walking!"
-Montana resident

Walk with Ease Structure 

      • Independent, 6-week walking program
      • Open to anyone who wants to start or maintain low-impact exercise program
      • Participants walk a minimum of three days per week
          • Participants can determine time and distance
      • Program is designed for all fitness levels
      • Participants will receive weekly encouragement emails from instructor
      • Walk with Ease Frequently Asked Questions


Walk with Ease Sign-Up

To register for the Walk with Ease Self-Directed program, please click on the session you would like to participate. After you register for the Walk with Ease Self-Directed Program you will receive a confirmation email from "Montana Walk With Ease"  to confirm your successful registration.

June 3 - July 14, 2024

July 1 - August 11, 2024

August 5 - September 15, 2024

September 2 - October 13, 2024

October 7 - November 17, 2024

For any questions or concerns, please email Erin or Melissa at   WalkWithEase@mt.gov.