Arthritis Management Programs

The Montana Arthritis Program collaborates with local organizations to implement Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) arthritis-approved evidence-based exercise and self-management program in communities throughout Montana.

Arthritis-approved evidence-based programs have shown to help treat and manage arthritis and other related conditions symptoms. Participants that attend the arthritis exercise and self-management programs have shown improvement in reducing their arthritis symptoms, such as pain.

Arthritis Exercise Programs

Studies show that physical activity can reduce pain and improve function, mood, and quality of life for adults with arthritis. Being physically active can also delay the onset of arthritis-related disability. Physical activity is also important for the management of other chronic conditions that are common among adults with arthritis, such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.


Self-Management Education Workshop

Self-management education workshops are interactive community-based programs that teach participants skills for managing arthritis or other chronic conditions.