Walk with Ease Self-Directed Program

The Walk with Ease Self-Directed Program is a six week walking program for anyone who would like to start or maintain a low impact exercise program. The Montana Health Care and Benefits Division has approved this program as an eligible activity for the Next Steps Activities. This incentive for the Walk with Ease program is available to all members and their enrolled spouse/domestic partner.

Walk with Ease Structure

  • Program is self-directed
  • Six week walking program
  • Participants must walk a minimum of three days per week
  • Program is designed for all fitness levels
  • Participants will receive weekly encouragement emails from instructor
  • In order for program to go towards the Next Steps Discount, each participant must:
    • Complete sign up questionnaire
    • Report weekly walking minutes
    • Complete post questionnaire at the end of the program
  • Walk with Ease Frequently Asked Questions


Walk with Ease Sign-Up

To register for the Walk with Ease Self-Directed program, please click on the session you would like to participate. After you register for the Walk with Ease Self-Directed Program you will receive a confirmation email of your successful registration.


  • Please check in March 2020 for the list of the State of Montana Walk with Ease 2020 schedule.

For any questions or concerns, please email Melissa at WalkWithEase@mt.gov or call 406-444-0959