Public Health Laboratory System

The Laboratory Services Bureau takes an active role in the promotion of a state and regional public health laboratory system.  The LSB partners with clinical and environmental laboratories, epidemiologists and other public health program professionals, and many other facets of health and environmental surveillance to ensure that laboratory practice is continually improved to benefit the health and welfare of Montanans.

Montana Laboratory Forum

The mission of the Montana Laboratory Forum is to provide leadership, foster partnerships, and promote effective communication in support of the Montana Public Health Laboratory System. To achieve this mission, the Forum has the following core values:

  • Provide a coordinated response to health challenges

  • Strengthen collaboration among partners

  • Improve laboratory science (standards and practice)

  • Assure a competent laboratory workforce

  • Build awareness of the state public health laboratory system

Northern Plains Consortium

The Northern Plains Consortium is comprised of public health laboratory and epidemiology leadership in the states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho.  This is a collaborative effort aimed at public health laboratory system improvement in the region.  The Consortium works on projects such as the assessment, improvement, and standardization of tests of public health significance, workforce development initiatives, and laboratory sustainability efforts.  For more information, please see Idaho's website, dedicated to the work that has been done.  Click here to be directed.