Montana Tobacco Use Program

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Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program produces media campaigns and materials to distribute throughout the State of Montana on major networks. Materials may be shared by other tobacco prevention organizations. Please contact Jennifer Ullman if interested in any campaign messages, or call (406) 444-3866.

Current Campaigns

Imitation Game (2022)

ReACT-Leevi (2023)
reACT/Leevi/Vape Campaign

MyLifeMyQuit-David (2023)

Breath is Sacred (2022)
Breath is Sacred


Generations (2022)
Generations Video

ReACT-Maisie (2023)
reACT/Maisie/Vape Campaign

MyLifeMyQuit-Kaitlyn (2023)
MLMQ/Kaitlyn/Vape Campaign

Additional Campaign Materials by Topic Below

Imitation Game (2022)

Generations (2022)
Generations Video

Quit Line Coaches (2019)
Quit Line Coaches YouTube Video

Behavioral Health and Tobacco (2018)
Behavioral Health Tobacco Video

Behavioral Health and Tobacco (2018)
Behavioral Health and Tobacco Video

Klazina, Alcohol and Tobacco Cessation (2019)
Klazina - Tobacco and Sobriety Video

Lou (2019)

Quit Line for Pregnant Women (2017)
Quit Line for Pregnant Women

Grandmother Quits for Grandbaby (2017)
Quitting for Granddaughter

Doug Quit for his Son (2019)
Doug - Quits Smoking for Son Video

Theresa (2019)
Theresa - Lung Disease from Tobacco Video

Rodeo Rider Heath & Chew (2018)
Rodeo Rider Heath Supports Tobacco Free Rodeo

Boy Approaches Adult Chewer (2016)
Older Smokeless Tobacco User

Boy Approaches Adult Chewer -2 (2016)
Younger Smokeless Tobacco User

Eric P, Deputy (2021)

ReACT-Leevi (2023)
reACT/Leevi/Vape Campaign

ReACT-Maisie (2023)
reACT/Maisie/Vape Campaign

MyLifeMyQuit-David (2023)

MyLifeMyQuit-Kaitlyn (2023)
MLMQ/Kaitlyn/Vape Campaign

99% of Vape Products Contain Nicotine

Youth, "Don't be a Lab Rat"
Youth, Don't be a Lab Rat

Youth, Know the Facts
Find the Facts

Most Teens Don't
Most Teens Don't

Charley, Youth Rodeo Rider (2014)
Charley Youth Rodeo Rider

Youth Rodeo Rider Sierra (2017)
Rider Sierra supports Tobacco-Free Rodeo

Youth Rodeo Rider Brody
Roper Brody Supports Tobacco Free Rodeo

Youth Rodeo Rider Teanna
Rodeo Rider Teanna Supports Tobacco-Free Rodeo

Point of Sale Targets Kids
Point of Sale Message 2

Point of Sale, Boys in Store
Point of Sale Message

Minimum Age for Tobacco 21
Minimum Age for Tobacco 21 YouTube Video

E-cigarette Use and Teens (2017)
E-cigarette Use and Teens

Breath is Sacred: American Indian Cancer Foundation (2022)
Breath is Sacred

Foreshadow, "Keep it Sacred (2022)

#DecolonizeTobacco (2021)

American Indian Commercial Tobacco Quit Line (2015)
American Indian Commercial Tobacco Quit Line

Fancy Quits for Daughter (2019)
Fancy - Quits Vaping for Daughter Video

Frank Waln Commercial Tobacco Message (2015)
Frank Waln, Lakota Rapper

Maxine shares story of Lung Cancer (2016)
Maxine, Tribal Member
Maxine script

Smoke from the Pipe - Traditional Tobacco (2016)
Northern Plains Landscape with American Indian Spiritual Leader
Smoke From the Pipe script

Dr. Little Bear's Tobacco Story (2016)
Dr. Richard Little Bear, Dullknife College President
Dr. Little Bear script

"Remember Who You Are" (2016)
American Indian woman in traditional dress
"Remember Who You Are" script

Pets and Secondhand Smoke
Dogs on stairs image links to how smoking affects pets

Locals celebrate Clean Indoor Air Act Ten-year Anniversary (2021)
Videos Celebrating 10 years of Montana's Clean Indoor Act

Smoker's Cost (2016)
Smoker's cost

Smoker's House Fire and EMS (2016)
House fire image links to message from home owner on how smoking led to house fire and EMS rescue

Vaping and Asthma (2017)
Vaping and Asthma

Vaping and Dual Use (2017)
E-Cigarettes, not for quitting

Montana Athletes Refocused (2018)
Young Athletes Refocused on a Tobacco Free Generation

 Big Tobacco's Portraits of Youth (2018)
Portrait of Youth being targeted by Big Tobacco