Radiation Machine Registration

The Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) has the responsibility of regulating the use of radiation machines in the state of Montana. As part of this responsibility, the DPHHS requires the person or facility having possession of any radiation machine(s) to register that machine(s) within 30 days. To learn more about radiation machine registration please reference rule 37.14.307.

Facilities using radiation machines can register by completing the Online Registration, OR by completing the  Electronic Registration Form (PDF) and emailing it to the Quality Assurance Division at Radiation.Machine.Registration@mt.gov. All radiation machines need to be re-registered with the division every 2 years. A duplicate copy should be retained in your records. If you have questions, please call (406) 444-0476.

Temporary Registration of Radiation Machines

Whenever any radiation machine is to be brought into Montana, for any temporary use, the person proposing to bring such machine into Montana must give written notice to the division at least 2 working days before it is to be used in Montana. To learn more about out of state radiation machine requirements please reference rule 37.14.315.

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