Child Care Workforce Stipends for Teaching & Caregiving Staff

Provider Retention/Incentive Payments


What is the Provider Retention/Incentive Payment?

Governor Gianforte and the Health Advisory Commission approved $7 million in one-time-only funds for child care workforce retention and incentive payments through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Providers who received $600 for Round 1 and were still employed in an eligible position received a second payment of $1,000 in February 2023. New child care professionals were eligible to submit for a one-time payment of $600. 

The Department of Public Health and Human Services is pleased to have partnered with the Early Childhood Project (ECP) at MSU to offer child care workforce retention/incentive payments. 


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The American Rescue Plan Act Child Care Provider Retention/Incentive Payments are one-time-only and limited. These funds will be monitored.