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The Montana Head Start Collaboration Office impacts the lives of low-income children and families by influencing state and local policy and the effective delivery of services, while linking Head Start Programs and communities through collaborative relationships.

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The   Head Start   Advantage in Montana

Head Start is a comprehensive early care and education program dedicated to serving over 30 million low-income families nationwide since 1965. Head Start serves children ages 3-5 and their families. Early Head Start serves children and families prenatally to 3. Early Head Start - Child Care Partnerships serve children 0-3 in partnership with local child care providers using the Early Head Start model. Children and families are served in both center and home based delivery models. Funding goes directly from the Federal Office of Head Start to community Head Start grantees in Montana.

Comprehensive and Two-Generation Services

Head Start takes a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of the whole child and family. This two-generational approach supports stability and long-term success for families who are most at risk. Depending on each family’s needs, they receive a wide range of services. In 2020 - 2021 families participated in:

  • 692 in Mental Health Services
  • 570 in Adult Education
  • 1,573 in research based parenting curriculum
  • 1,986 in Emergency Crisis Interventions
  • 1,933 supporting transitions between programs
  • Support for homeless children and families: 503 families and 498 children

Head Start's Economic Impact in Montana

The Head Start advantage promotes comprehensive services to children and families of our most economically disadvantaged citizens. In Montana, Head Start and Early Head Start programs employ 1,396 regular staff and 183 contracted staff.  Head Start funds go directly from the Federal Office of Head Start into local communities to support services for low income children and families.


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Kathy Rich, Head Start Collaboration Director
Early Childhood Services Bureau
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