Standards, Guidance, and Procedures

Center, Family, and Group Standards

These documents will guide licensed center, family, and group programs, serving children from birth-12 years of age, through STARS to Quality.

Head Start and Early Head Start Standards

This document includes Head Start Performance Standards that meet STARS criteria for licensed programs. This document is not intended for licensed child care programs that are participating in the Early Head Start Partnership program.

STARS Application Site - Guidance and Procedures

Here you will find written guidance for using the STARS Site. Screenshots are included in places as examples showing what the tabs look like as you navigate through the site.

Visual Submission Process

STARS Standards Guidance and Procedures

This document is a supplement to the Best Beginnings STARS to Quality Standards. The purpose of this document is to guide programs through the STARS process as well as to offer additional information and procedures as programs work through STAR levels. Because STARS to Quality is about Continuous Quality Improvement, this document is subject to change.