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Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention Program
Online Interactive Training for Hospital Staff & Midwives

Newborn hearing screening test

The National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) is offering the updated Interactive Newborn Hearing Screening Curriculum (NHSTC) as an online educational module. The goal of this comprehensive course is to standardize training for all screeners and stakeholders involved in newborn hearing screening and follow-up. It is web based, so screeners can learn at their own pace. In addition, there are many resources and tools embedded in the curriculum, including scripts for screeners to use when communicating results with families and links that will take them to their state EHDI profile. Please share this information with everyone who performs hearing screenings in your hospital. In addition, those who register and complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion from NCHAM.


Please register for the NHSTC course at:
After registering you'll receive an email with course enrollment and access instructions.




Do’s and Don’ts of communicating newborn hearing screening “REFER” results to parents

 DO provide a positive message:
“Your baby didn’t pass the hearing screening. Your baby referred (indicate which ear/s) which means that more information is needed about your baby’s hearing. The next step is to have diagnostic hearing testing for your baby.”

DO give “Your Baby Needs Another Hearing Test” brochure:
“Here’s a brochure that explains diagnostic hearing testing.” Discuss how the family should follow-up with a diagnostic audiology appointment.

DO NOT give misleading messages:

  • The baby failed.
  • The baby has a hearing loss.
  • Probably nothing’s wrong.
  • A lot of babies don’t pass.
  • The baby doesn’t need follow-up testing.
  • The baby was fussy. (Then it’s an invalid screening)
  • The equipment’s not working right. (Then it’s an invalid screening)
  • It’s just fluid or vernix. (We can’t assume this)

DO NOT perform multiple screens in an attempt to get a pass


For additional information contact

Amber Bell, Coordinator
(406) 444-1216

For Questions about HiTrack or other Data Issues

Lanny Wilbur, Data Coordinator
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