EMS Incident Data

The purpose of collecting statewide prehospital data is to support EMS providers in providing patients with the best possible care. Montana statute requires all licensed ground and air transporting EMS agencies to submit a patient care report (PCR) for each patient encountered during an EMS activation. 

As of 9/25/23, Montana has transitioned to the NEMSIS version 3.5 data standard. Visit the tabs below for up to date information on data submission and resources.

Data Submission

EMS and Trauma Systems (EMSTS) currently provides EMS agencies with access to ImageTrend Elite electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) software at no cost. EMS agencies can also submit data using their own NEMSIS v3.5 compliant ePCR system.

NEMSIS 3.5 Transition

  • Agencies using the state's Elite ePCR were transitioned to the new v3.5 run form on 9/25/23. 
  • Agencies using their own instance of ImageTrend should work with ImageTrend and utilize the resources in Help/University to complete the transition by 12/31/23. The state ePCR, validation rules, and facility list are available in the ImageTrend Library.
  • Agencies using other software vendors should work with their vendor to complete the transition by 12/31/23.

Please contact Shari Graham for information on submitting data.

Data Reports

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List of Recent Reports:

Login to Montana ImageTrend Elite (new URL)

Elite ePCR Suggestion Box (EMS/CIH)

Please contact Hannah Yang for assistance with using Elite Report Writer

How to...

Install the iOS Elite Utilities App for Driver's License Scanning
Install the Elite Desktop Client for importing EKG monitor data

Elite ePCR Update Log


  • Transitioned to NEMSIS 3.5 run form - 9/25/23

Documentation Guides

NEMSIS 3.5 Transition Overview & State Run Form Training

NEMSIS 3.5 - Type of Service Requested

NEMSIS 3.5 - Disposition

Symptoms vs Impressions

Guidance for Documenting Overdose-related EMS Incidents (Video) / (PDF)

TSII Documentation

Facility List

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Validation Rules

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Suggested Lists

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NEMSIS Version 3.4 Data Dictionary

Montana EMS Incident Dataset Data Dictionary
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