Montana Arthritis Program

Arthritis is the most common chronic disease and is the leading cause of disability.

The prevalence of arthritis in Montana is consistently higher than the overall US prevalence.

Share your story living with arthritis

The Montana Arthritis Program and the Arthritis Foundation are partnering together to learn more about Montanans living with arthritis.

Your insight will lead to more effective care for adults living with arthritis, help develop programs that meet your community needs, and even find a cure for arthritis.

Share your experience in a 10-minute survey and be among those changing the future of arthritis.

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Bar graph showing that Montana arthritis rates from 2011-2015 have consitantly been higher than the national average.

Montana Arthritis Program Goals

  • The Montana Arthritis Program mission is to increase access to, and the use of, arthritis appropriate interventions among Montanans who report having arthritis.
  • The Montana Arthritis Program is working to improve the quality of life for Montanans affected by arthritis and other rheumatic conditions by increasing awareness how to prevent and reduce arthritis joint pain through evidence-based programs.
  • The Montana Arthritis Program collaborates with the Arthritis Foundation, CDC Arthritis Program, National Association for Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD), and local community organization to bring awareness of the burden of arthritis in Montana and arthritis exercise and self-management programs to decrease joint pain and stiffness and improve daily function for individuals living with arthritis.
  • The Montana Arthritis Program works with local organizations to implement arthritis approved evidence-based classes: